Ground Water Resources

Environmental Protection Services Limited ( EPSL) Consultants have the capability to provide comprehensive services related to ground water resources development and ground water remediation. The following description of these activities is organized in two groupings: (Groundwater Resources and Remediation Activities and Sampling, Testing and Analysis).

Ground Water Supply

Determination of groundwater resources by geophysical studies (borehole) or (surface)

  • Well installation and aquifer testing
  • Water quality evaluation
  • Well-field design

Ground Water Modeling

Regional aquifer evaluations, site assessments, groundwater and surface water interactions and solute transport modeling

Salt-water encroachment:

Regional and site-specific studies dealing with classical horizontal interface movement from a salt source (ocean)

Artificial Recharge and Underground injection:

Geologic and hydrogeologic assessment, hydogeologic budget analysis design of injection wells, well construction, environmental assessment

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