We offer the following Waste Management Services

Waste Treatment

Environmental Protection Services Limited has mobile treatment units that handle the treatment of effluent/leachates.

This unit has been used at various sites in Nigeria including oil drilling sites, textile-manufacturing sites, pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, etc. Environmental Protection Services Limited has the capacity for the design and implementation of both in-situ and ex-situ treatment facilities.

We equally specialize in the following forms of treatments:

  • Bio-remediation
  • Land farming
  • Soil washing
  • Air Sparging
  • Pump and Fill methods

Waste Minimization – Waste Destruction 

Environmental Protection Services Limited Process engineers have worked with industries in the following areas:

  • Conduct an initial screening of remedial alternatives, eliminating alternatives that do not meet remedial action objectives or are not practicable for the subject site and
  • Complete a detailed evaluation (i.e. cost-effectiveness, implementation schedule, etc.) for each remedial alternative that is considered practicable for the site.
  • Selection of and purchase of pertinent design of incinerator based on waste characterization activities carried out.

Our Other Services

Laboratory Services

Algae Biomass

Engineering and Energy

Education and Training

Environmental Studies

Resources Management