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EPSL Environmental Services

Environmental Studies

Environmental Protection Services Environmental Studies Services covers various aspect that affect the environment from EIA, Environmental baseline studies,among others

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Laboratory Services

EPSL Laboratory unit is a state of the art unit that is capable of handling  diverse laboratory analysis ranging from hydrocarbon to pollution analysis, soil and material testing

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Engineering and Energy

We draw on the experience of our team of process engineers in providing quality services to the manufacturing and oil industries. These services cover design, , engineering and procurement of process.

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Algae Biomass

EPSL offers algae biomass services, tailored to address the current need for sustainable emergy, food security and biomass utilization.
Our culture facility consist of diverse tropical

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Waste Management

Our mobile treatment units handles the treatment of effluent/leachates. This unit has been used at various sites in Nigeria including Oil drilling  sites, textile-manufacturing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing sites and

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Education and Training

EPSL conducts courses on groundwater and environmental management, designing and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs especially fir landfill and other sites.

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