Environmental Protection Services Limited (EPSL) draws on the experience of its team of Process Engineers in providing quality services to the manufacturing and oil  industries. These services covers design, engineering, and procurement of process plants and facilities. This includes

  • Step-up operations
  • Pipeline and Vessels design/maintenance services
  • Quality Assurance for products and process
  • Optimization and control schemes
  • Troubleshooting and debottle-necking of processes equipment operations
  • Design, Re-design, maintenance and control of unit operations process and equipment.
  • Safety Audits and Training

Landfill Design and Engineering.

Nigeria is one of the world’s major producers of oil and gas. In line with this, EPSL, in collaboration with its partners has set in motion processes for the provision of specialized services to Nigeria’s, oil and gas sector.

We draw on pool of professionals with both local and overseas experience in providing some of these which include the following;

  • Pre-engineering of products pipelines and pipeline stations
  • Leak detection and corrosion control
  • Procurement of spare and chemicals
  • Design, Re-design, optimization and control of surface and sub-surface pipeline network systems
  • Environmental and mechanical improvements of tank-farms or bulk plants

Waste Water Engineering

EPSL has capability to provide waste water engineering services to municipal councils, government agencies and other public and private sector organizations.

Our range of services include:

  • Detailed engineering design
  • Procurement/construction
  • Installation of utilities
  • Commissioning
  • Management

Water Supply Engineering

Environmental Protection Services Limited (EPSL) is involved in the provision of mini-to large-scale water works. In this regard, EPSL undertakes the following functions:

  • Sourcing and feasibility studies
  • Surface Water
  • Ground water (Borehole engineering)
  • Engineering design of water treatment plants
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Installation of plant
  • Construction
  • Storage
  • Reticulation/distribution
  • Management

Our Other Services

Laboratory Services

Algae Biomass

Environmental Studies

Education and Training

Waste Management

Resources Management