Our Environmental Protection Services Environmental Studies Services covers various aspect that affect the environment from EIA, Environmental baseline studies, Risk Assessment , Environmental auditing and more.

Environmental Baseline Studies.

These studies are particularly useful in providing environmental data that can be utilized to assess:

  • The organization of the Ecosystem
  • Significant biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components of the ecosystem
  • The effects of perturbations on the ecosystem as a result of man’s activities.

Since environmental baseline data are usually obtained prior to the initiation of developmental projects, they provide useful tools in the planning process, in the effort to assess the impact of the project and to monitor changes as the project develops.

A number of successful environmental baseline/ecological studies have been undertaken by EPSL consultants.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is an evolving discipline, which increasingly drive the identification selection and implementation of remediation process.

When applied to ground water pollution control for example, RA does not only include public health concerns but also addresses uncertainties associated with geologic settings and with renovation technologies themselves.

The growing field of RA is very broad, and ranges from considering selected chemicals properties of materials; calculation of numerical indices to presentation of information on the probabilities and likely consequences of catastrophic events.

In summary, RA has become a necessary tool for evaluating the following

  • Possible adverse health effects that may be caused by a hazardous waste site or contaminated area.
  • Determining if, and to what extent cleaning is required at such sites.
  • Evaluating risks posed by operating facilities.

Environmental Protection Services Limited (EPSL)’s staff are experienced in the development of appropriate site-specific clean-up procedures acceptable both to our clients and regulatory agencies.

Environmental Action Plan

An EAP is a multi-disciplinary process for consensus building on  sectoral or multi-sectoral environmental issues.

It entails evaluating the prevalent environmental problems within the sector(s) under review by considering the direct and indirect causes of such problems with the view of preferring actions that will mitigate such problems.

In order to achieve this objective a participatory approach must be adopted which usually actively invoice all stakeholders in the EAP process. EPSL, through the use of its mutli-disciplinary in-house team of experts is well positioned to offer workable EAP for its clients.

Seabed Survey

Seabed survey is a legislative requirement for granting permits to oil exploratory/production companies with operations in offshore locations prior to drilling. Its main objective is to determine the environmental state of the seabed at the point of drilling and the immediate surrounding area.

This will form a management control tool to monitor the effect of the oil prospecting activities on the marine ecosystem in order to meet regulatory requirements and standards.

Our team of professionals has been actively engaged in the provision of quality seabed survey services to companies in Nigeria’s upstream oil sector.


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